Kyle Ruda, Canton (Seller)

"Barry went way out of his way and went above and beyond to help with the sell of my house. I have only great things to say about him. Barry has your best interest in mind with every aspect of selling your house. From listing, to negotiating, all the way to closing."

Robert Jones, Cartersville (Buyer)

Barry helped me tremendously when purchasing my new house. I work out of town a bunch and work odd hours yet Barry was there helping me at just about any time I needed him. I'm lucky to have had him as my agent because I believe I'd still be looking for a house if it wasn't for him. I've already told all my coworkers that if they're buying or selling they need to use Barry. Very nice and super easy to work with.

Martha Barnett, Rome (Seller)

Barry guided us through our sale well. I would not hesitate to use his services again.

Scott and Debbie, Nashville, TN (Buyer)

"We chose Barry (like we HAD a choice!) because Barry was the best agent a year ago, when we almost bought a cabin, but we jilted Barry at the altar, so to speak, and backed out of the deal in the discovery phase. nonetheless Barry was willing to give us another chance, and take on faith that we were serious THIS time (we were serious LAST time, it just wasn't the right spot, we discovered too late in the game), and this time we struck gold(mine) - excuse the pun (our address is Goldmine Drive). In reality, we spent a lot of time with Barry, and he was so willing to help us find the right place, no matter what it took. We would be glad of any opportunity to recommend Barry to future clients, should we have the chance. Most importantly, Barry was exceedingly kind to my children. Our oldest son has autism, and Barry didn't miss a beat. He even did special things that accommodated my son and his special needs (like the maps!) that were the most meaningful of all. Knowing houses and markets is one thing; being kind to special needs children is a completely different thing, and something we continue to be so grateful for. Excellent on all points. Can't recommend highly enough. On multiple occasions has gone way above the call of duty to help us out (like meeting the cable guy to let him in to set up service). When you buy a second home, it is hard to be around for everything, and Barry has been super helpful."

Renee Holtz, (Buyer)

Barry also spent several hours every evening sending me houses from the MLS to see if it was something I was interested in. Plus, all the time he spent on contracts and discussions with other realtors. He has a way of making you feel very special. Very detail oriented and knows a lot about construction and helped me find items for the house.

Claudette Rego, Ellijay (Buyer)

If every agent was like Barry Conner there would be no complaints. He is on top of everything and has thought of the next detail before you do. He really listens and found us property that we described as we said, Barry has been incredible to work with. He didn't waste our time showing us land that was not the type we had described. All his choices were very thoughtful and he made locating land easy.

Ruth & Dale McClain, Atlanta (Buyer)

We really appreciated that Barry was very patient with us. He was always upbeat, personable and very entertaining even when we asked him to view houses that weren't convenient for him to show. He also went the extra mile and previewed some homes before he recommended viewing them.